Hehe – just realised this the standard WordPress ‘About’ page was here.

About me?

My name is Jason, but Lurch to most, and I run and administrate the CanberraRIDERS motorcycle group and webpage.
CanberraRIDERS is Canberra’s busiest Social Motorcycle group, and we proud ourselves on not taking the whole thing too seriously.

I am also what you may call an “Enthusiastic Amateur” photographer, which basically means I enjoy it but am not necessarily any good at it 🙂
A bit like riding I guess; its a game of constant learning and I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface.

More recently I’ve been getting into model building. You’ll see some examples here.

When I’m not riding or taking photo’s; I am the Faculty IT Manager of the Faculty of Education, Science, Technology, and Maths at the University of Canberra. It’s a job where I wear many hats. However my primary role is to support the research efforts of the Faculty from an IT point of view; hence all the geeky stuff on here.

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